“Ezer”=”Help Meet” … A Bad Translation

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Prof. Michael Hudson: The Only Economist Worth Listening To

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I’ve never really understood Global Economics, but now I do better than ever, thanks to Prof. Michael Hudson (primarily by watching his videos). Hudson was raised in Chicago, son of a Trotskyite and he thus became familiar with the works of Karl Marx (Das Kapital) and of Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill — he calls all three “Classical Economists” which to him roughly means they advocated “Industrial Capitalism” (in contrast to Financial / Rentier Capitalism) which would (in their minds) naturally evolve into (good) Socialism. He originally wanted to study music in college, but switched to Economics, got a PhD then went to work for Citibank analyzing “Third World Balance of Payments” … during this time he realized one of his foundational principles — “Debt that Cannot be Paid … Will not be Paid” and this led to a Fellowship with the Harvard Peabody Museum studying the “History of Debt Forgiveness” from Sumerian / Babylonian times through Jewish times, Greece, Rome and all the way down to the present. He was picked by the famous Herman Kahn of the massively influential Hudson Institute to be Herman’s right hand man (equal salary, etc) and while there wrote his first blockbuster book “Super Imperialism” which was intended to teach what NOT to do, but to his surprise was widely read by members of the US Gov’t as a “How to” manual to enslave the Third World under a clever new system using the IMF / World Bank in a way that had never before in history been done before. This fascist US / NATO Global Empire greatly extended it’s power after WW2 and as everyone knows, the USD has been the de facto global reserve currency for decades which has given the (now fascist) US Gov’t global hegemony. But that is now changing and Hudson sees the US Empire in decline now (he says ALL nations decline and fail under “Financial / Rentier Capitalism”). Hudson is now 84 years old, resides in NY but is still active giving video interviews and writing. He has a decent following in the US and now I will give you some key resources to learn about him. My first recommendation is to watch the 3 video interviews with Chris Hedges mentioned in the OP. Then you can Google his name as desired and you will find interview with various other ones including a young guy named Ben Norton @BenjaminNorton who has almost 250,000 followers. Other “Hudsonian” follows include Kathleen Tyson in the UK @Kathleen_Tyson_, a former central banker with about 7500 followers, S.L Kanthan in India @Kanthan2030 with about 60,000 followers, Pepe Escobar in Brazil @RealPepeEscobar with about 100,000 followers, and Arnaud Bertrand in France / China @RnaudBertrand with about 100,000 followers. These folks will keep you up to speed with the ongoing “Multipolar Transition” that is occurring from a “Hudsonian” perspective.

There are other non-Twitter “follows” I’ve accumulated over the years and I’ll give you those below … I jokingly call them “Saints”) …

1) 1986 – 1990 … “Saint” Josh McDowell – Christian Apologetics
2) 1990 … “Saint” Henry Morris added – Young Earth Creationism (also AiG and CMI)
3) 1993 … “Saint” Joel Salatin added – Heal the Land
4) 1994 … “Saint” Weston Price, DDS (also Dr. Vilhjalmur Stefansson)
5) 1995 … “Saint” Allan Savory added – Holistic Management
6) 2004 … “Saint” David Rohl – Egyptology, New Chronology
7) 2012 … “Saint” Ken Nair – Marriage / Ancient Hebrew
8) 2015 … “Saint” Frank Seekins – Ancient Hebrew
9) 2016 … “Saint” Dr. Ted Naiman – Food / Health (modern version of Price / Stefansson)
10) 2020 … “Saint” Douglas Petrovich – Ancient Hebrew Alphabet
11) 2021 … “Saint” Peter McCullough – COVID 19
12) 2021 … “Saint” Barry Setterfield and Prof. Immanuel Velikovsky – Creation / Solar System Origin
13) 2022 … “Saint” Elon Musk added – Free Speech / Twitter
14) 2023 … “Saint” Michael Hudson added – Global Economics

Ken Nair Marriage Seminar Video Snippet

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Ken Nair puts on one of the best Marriage Counseling Seminars I’ve ever sat through. Reasons it’s so great (a) Ken is funny and real (b) it’s based on the Original Ancient Hebrew Scriptures, not the modern English versions which can have some significant differences. Here’s a link to a snippet I recorded. Enjoy!


David Hawkins Odessa Missouri YouTube Channel

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The purpose of this post is to make it easier to find my YouTube channel which currently is hard. My hope is that once this post gets picked up by the search engines, you can just Google “David Hawkins Youtube Truthmatters” (Truthmatters is the name of my blog) and this post will come up containing a link directly to my channel. We’ll see.

Here’s the link to my channel. My playlists include … Wai Wai Songs, Gospel Piano Instruction, Family, Permaculture, Etc. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPOzrw1PIQMZjksw5JnNuZg/playlists

Here is my most watched Gospel Piano Lesson, almost 8000 views, Roll is Called Up Yonder – Lesson 1 (Easy version) … https://youtu.be/dnoHbwgftGY

Missionary Charles Champlin (wife Julie) has also done a TON of work making Wai Wai Scripture and Hymn resources available for free online at Scripture Earth … here’s the link … https://scriptureearth.org/00i-Scripture_Index.php?sortby=lang&name=waw&ROD_Code=00000 … or you can just Google “Scripture Earth Wai Wai” and the link will appear …

Additional search tags #bobhawkins #florinehawkins #waiwaisongs #davehawkinsodessayoutube

Evidence for a Global Flood About 5000 Years Ago

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Copying this over from the Science Forum where I argue about various topics with various scientists and engineers on all kinds of topics … Read more »

Chinese Vs. Mongol Warrior Diet

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Wilhjalmur Stefansson on Living with the Eskimos

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Adventures in Diet
Part 1

By Vilhjalmur Stefansson
Harper’s Monthly Magazine, November 1935.

In 1906 I went to the Arctic with the food tastes and beliefs of the average American. By 1918, after eleven years as an Eskimo among Eskimos, I had learned things which caused me to shed most of those beliefs. Ten years later I began to realize that what I had learned was going to influence materially the sciences of medicine and dietetics. However, what finally impressed the scientists and converted many during the last two or three years, was a series of confirmatory experiments upon myself and a colleague performed at Bellevue Hospital, New York City, under the supervision of a committee representing several universities and other organizations.

To the best of my estimate then, I have lived in the Arctic for more than five years exclusively on meat and water. (This was not, of course, one five-year stretch, but an aggregate of that much time during ten years.) One member of my expeditions, Storker Storkersen, lived on an exclusive meat diet for about the same length of time while there are several who have lived on it from one to three years.

When we are returning to the ship after several months on meat and water, I usually say that the steward will have orders to cook separately for each member of the party all he wants of whatever he wants. Especially during the last two or three days, there is a great deal of talk among the novices in the part about what the choices are to be. One man wants a big dish of mashed potatoes and gravy; another a gallon of coffee and bread and butter; a third perhaps wants a stack of hot cakes with syrup and butter.

On reaching the ship each does get all he wants of what he wants. The food tastes good, although not quite so superlative as they had imagined. They have said they are going to eat a lot and they do. Then they get indigestion, headache, feel miserable, and within a week, in nine cases out of ten of those who have been on meat six months or over, they are willing to go back to meat again. If a man does not want to take part in a second sledge journey it is usually for a reason other than the dislike of meat.

The broad results of the experiment [at Bellevue Hospital in New York City] were, so far as Andersen and I could tell, and so far as the supervising physicians could tell, that we were in at least as good average health during the year as we had been during the three mixed-diet weeks at the start. We thought our health had been a little better than average. We enjoyed and prospered as well on the meat in midsummer as in midwinter, and felt no more discomfort from the heat than our fellow New Yorkers did.


Trump, Bannon and MacArthur

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MacArthurI read a lot. And because I read a lot, I have a view of the world that many do not have. Steve Bannon yesterday at CPAC gave a speech which was picked apart and analyzed by the NY Times HERE. Of course it was a negative article but I want to give some perspective to Trump’s and Bannon’s ideas about The New Nationalism here in the US. I think it’s safe to say that General Douglas MacArthur was a nationalist and a patriot as well as being a brilliant general. And it appears to me that Trump and Bannon are also patriots who want to see the USA be reat again.   I once borrowed a copy of MacArthur’s book “Reminiscences” from the library and copied off some key quotes. Over the years I lost the quotes, but I recently found one of the key quotes on a blog so I thought I should copy it off onto my blog because it’s such an important quote on this topic. Here it is … Sourced from this blogger’s own personal copy of MacArthur’s book … (Reminiscences by Douglas MacArthur, (McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, NY, 1964), First Edition, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 64-22955, pp. 414-418.)

Great changes have taken place in our military establishment, some good, some not so good. Materially the improvement has been spectacular, psychologically yet to be proven. The men in the ranks are largely citizen soldiers, sailors or airmen—men from the farm, the city, from school, from the college campus—men not dedicated to the profession of arms; men not primarily skilled in the art of war; men most amazingly like the men you know and see and meet each day of your life.

If hostilities come, these men will know the endless tramp of marching feet, the incessant whine of sniper bullets, the ceaseless rustle of sputtering machine guns, the sinister wail of air combat, the deafening blast of crashing bombs, the stealthy stroke of hidden torpedoes, the amphibious lurch over perilous waves, the dark majesty of fighting ships, the mad din of battle and all the tense and ghastly horror and savage destruction of a stricken area of war. Read more »

Jared Diamond: Worst Mistake – Agriculture

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Blogger Sara Burrows writes …

Prior to agriculture, humans lived happier, healthier, freer and easier lives, claims one of the world’s top scientists and thinkers.

In an article published in Discover Magazine nearly 30 years ago, Pulitzer Prize winning anthropologist and evolutionary biologist Jared Diamond calls agriculture “a catastrophe from which we have never recovered.”

Diamond claims the domestication of plants and animals – which began around 10 to 15 thousand years ago – led to the eventual domestication of humans and is ultimately responsible for the “the gross social and sexual inequality, the disease and despotism that curse our existence.”

For approximately 2 million years prior to the advent of agriculture, gatherer-hunters enjoyed excellent health, social and sexual equality, very light workloads, plenty of leisure time and freedom from any form of government. LINK HERE


An Overview of Permaculture Land Types

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One way that I like to CATEGORIZE LAND is by it’s relationship to one of the most important organisms of all – TREES … Bill Mollison has written much about trees – (Google “Mollison trees guardians of the earth”). The NASA pic I have included below gives a pretty good global overview of these land types. The 3 categories are …
(1) ARID – Land which currently has too little moisture to grow trees. The Chinese are well known for having one of the largest failed afforestation programs in the world over the last 50 years. (Google “china failed afforestation”). Allan Savory has correctly pointed out that there is only one way to solve this problem – Holistic Management of Large Herbivore Herds (Google “cows save the planet” and “allan savory ted talk”)
(2) OPEN – Land which currently has enough moisture to grow trees but is currently open (0% – 50% tree canopy cover). I categorize open land into two types – Cropland and Pastureland. The latter is the type of land upon which I interned for 6 months with Greg Judy, one of the world leaders in Holistically Managed Cattle and an Allan Savory disciple. This type of land can be improved year after year with herd management alone, but can be enhanced with annual Keyline Plowing. Trees can also be planted and there is enough moisture for them to take hold and grow. Mark Shepard says that a tree canopy cover of about 50% is optimum for supporting the maximum number of large mammals (which includes humans). On my small plot of land, I have about 8 acres of this type land.
(3) FORESTED – Land which is currently treed (51% – 100% tree canopy cover). This type of land is most interesting to me currently for three reasons … (a) It can be acquired through lease or purchase very cheaply compared to Pastureland or Cropland (b) It provides excellent resources for developing settlements and (c) Food calorie production per acre can be much higher than for open land used for grazing. (I don;t know for sure yet, but I suspect at least 1 million food calories per acre per year with no external inputs) The highest calorie production density of all comes from gardening. Walter Haugen reports about 2 million food calories per acre per year with (virtually) no external inputs. So to me the ideal settlement locations would include a mix of woodland and pastureland, but I’ll settle for pure woodland if necessary because the tree canopy can be opened up to around 50% (Mark Shepard Optimum) almost immediately. On the other hand, to ADD trees to a landscape takes many years. We should do it, but it’s a slow process.