The Book of Genesis: Eyewitness Accounts from the Dawn of Time

Posted in Biblical, Creation/Evolution on September 25th, 2006 by dhawkinsmo

UPDATE 10/1/07: Please refer to a new informal debate I am having with Dean Anderson at IIDB HERE.

UPDATE 9/1/07: Please refer also to my recent Formal Debate on the Book of Genesis. Footnote (44) refers to a fairly recent book entitled Rethinking Genesis by Duane Garrett (Do a CTRL-F search of the page), which also examines the Tablet Theory. There is beginning to be more and more scholarly interest in this theory.

The ‘Tablet Theory of Genesis’ proposes that the book of Genesis was originally written on tablets in the ancient script of the time by the patriarchs who were intimately concerned with the events related, and whose names are clearly stated. Moreover, Moses, the compiler and editor of the book, as we now have it, plainly directs attention to the source of his information.

Today I will do a book review of a book entitled “Ancient Records and the Structure of Genesis.” What this book does is show clearly that Genesis is “Eyewitness History” re-establishing the pre-JEDP view of the Book of Genesis. The book was written by Air Commodore P.J. Wiseman and edited and updated by his son, Professor of Assyriology Donald J. Wiseman. This material has been referred to by some Bible commentators including Henry Morris and R.K. Harrison, but I had never personally examined the book. I found a used copy (had to pay $85!) and what a treat it has been. Absolutely fascinating book! … Read more »