Fundies Founded Modern Science

Posted in Creation/Evolution on August 27th, 2007 by dhawkinsmo

Robert BoyleAt the various forums where I converse with non-creationists, I hear a common theme … “Fundies are anti-science, authoritarian, not very smart denialists who would return the civilized world to the Dark Ages.” I’ve always believed that this is utter and complete nonsense … I think the opposite is actually true. But I have never attempted to document my position … UNTIL NOW. When you begin to examine the evidence and quit reading modern revisionists, you find that, in a very real sense, it was “Fundies” who founded modern science. Stay with me now as we take a look. (At left: Robert Boyle, Founding Royal Society Member, Father of Modern Chemistry, Puritan Christian Activist, Example of How NOT to Fix Your Hair if You Are Male :-) , etc. Credit: Wikipedia) Below, you will see that … “When the Royal Society was chartered by Charles II on this day July 15, 1662, it was the first scientific society in history. Not surprisingly, active Christians, with their interest in God’s creation, brought it into existence. In fact, its membership was overwhelmingly Puritan in makeup.” Read more »