Creation: So Easy a Caveman Can Get It

Posted in Creation/Evolution on August 28th, 2007 by dhawkinsmo

CavemanFrom Ken Ham’s blog recently …

“A good laugh is also considered good medicine. Recently, the Bob Jones University Help at Home Live program broadcast on the university’s satellite network (BJ HomeSat) visited the Creation Museum. They not only filmed the Museum, but also interviewed me for the program (see photograph). They also asked me to be involved in a parody of the GEICO caveman commercials. You will really get a laugh when you see this parody.”

Link to Ken’s Blog                            Link to BJU Geico Spoof

NOTE TO IIDB FORUM MEMBERS: I would have posted this at IIDB, but I think that “Worldtraveller,” an anti-creationist activist moderator there, would have issued me an infraction for “baiting.” Funny … from reading others’ posts, it appears that “baiting” is a one-way street … an infraction only issued to creationists.