Why Anti-Supernaturalists Really Aren’t After All

Posted in Creation/Evolution on September 1st, 2007 by dhawkinsmo

SUBTITLE: Why are many scientists so opposed to investigating Immaterial Intelligence? (I.e. Theology, which used to be called the ‘Queen of Sciences’)
SUB-SUBTITLE: Will the ‘Queen’ regain her rightful throne in academia? (Picture credit: Wiki “atom” which means “unsplittable” … what a misnomer that turned out to be! So don’t let today’s physicists tell you we will EVER arrive at a truly elementary particle.)

I have always said that anti-supernaturalists … or materialists if you like … those who either deny the supernatural or say it’s unscientific to explore it … truly are NOT. That is, they are not anti-supernaturalists at all upon close inspection. They actually believe in many supernatural things. The spontaneous assembly of life from non-living chemicals that supposedly occurred several billion years ago is a prime example. It’s never been observed in the lab … just like I’ve never observed my supernatural God creating anything in the lab … so it’s a supernatural belief, although adherents will deny this. The spontaneous origin of new proteins, new cell types, and new organs is another example. No one’s ever observed it. They just assume it can happen on faith in the supernatural. Now some may come back and say, “I beg your pardon, new proteins are formed spontaneously all the time.” Yes, I say, this happens in the same twisted way that I could say my dented up, rusted out Ford Mustang is a “new car.” Click here for that discussion. UPDATE 9/3/07: I just read an interesting article about a recent book by Canadaian neurosurgeon Mario Beauregard (Denyse O’Leary coauthor) called “The Spiritual Brain.” Read the article HERE. Read more »