Sir Karl Popper and the Demarcation of Science, Falsifiability, Predictions and Retrodictions

Posted in Creation/Evolution, General Science on September 4th, 2007 by dhawkinsmo

Sir Karl Popper was one of the best known Philosophers of Science and is best known in scientific circles for his “Demarcation of Science” that is, his attempts to define or “demarcate” what science is and what science is not. You can read about him more extensively in an encyclopedia if you wish, but this will be a short review of what Popper actually wrote in chronological order. Below, we shall see that Popper clearly described ‘law-based’ science, that he excluded evolutionary biology from this program and called it unscientific and ‘metaphysical,’ that he later recanted about the scientific nature of it and then provided a different program for testing what he calls the ‘historical sciences’ of which Ev Bio is one. Read more »