Atheist Conundrums

Posted in Creation/Evolution on September 17th, 2007 by dhawkinsmo

Atheists, I believe, are in a pickle. They have a contradictory world view which appears not to be consistent with reality. Let me give you a recent example. I spend quite a bit of time discussing Biblical topics with atheists at IIDB. They are constantly accusing creationists of being liars (false in my opinion), so recently I asked them to tell me why they are so concerned about other people lying. And while they are at it, why would they have a problem with ANY type of ‘immoral’ behavior … not just lying, but cheating, stealing, killing, etc.?? They most certainly DO have a problem with these behaviors … but WHY? What in their world view requires it? The answer I think is ‘nothing requires it.’ They must borrow (steal?) from the Christian world view, which they repudiate, in order to have these values at all. And my view is that they actually have these basics values built in to their minds … put there by God when He created the human race … C.S. Lewis calls it Universal Morality and uses it as evidence for the existence of God. See my article on this HERE. Interestingly, when discussing Universal Morality, atheists will tell you that there is no such thing, but then when you start asking why they, being atheists, have morality, they will tell you that it IS universal after all. Yet another contradiction … a conundrum. which they cannot explain. Click HERE for this discussion at IIDB.

The solution for the atheist is for him or her to realize the contradictory nature of their view and repudiate it. Everything makes sense if you accept the most evidentially supported position that the God of the Bible really exists and the Bible truly is His Message to Mankind. (Picture credit: Wiki)