“Fountains of the Deep” on Mars

Posted in Genesis Flood on May 26th, 2008 by dhawkinsmo

Did you know that scientists believe that Mars has “Fountains of the Deep” under it’s surface? And that this sounds very similar to the “Fountains of the Deep” on Earth which we read about in the Biblical book of Genesis which kicked off the Global Flood of Noah? (Genesis 7:11) Check out this paper …

Semi-three dimensional computer simulations of large-scale cataclysmic flooding: A model and parameter sensitivities

Miyamoto, H. | Baker, V.R. | Komatsu, G.
34th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference; Abstracts of Papers. 2003

Many cataclysmic megafloods in the geological history of Earth has [sic] been recognized. They are linked with late Pleistocene glaciation, and therefore research on these floods might provide insights on climatic changes of Earth. Megafloods appear also to have occurred on Mars, at scales so large that the outflows may have been responsible for the formation of a transient north polar ocean on the planet. Relevant to these problems, the understanding of discharge rates and durations of megafloods will be quite important. A variety of quantitative methods have been applied. However, these computations were confined to a single reach at one time. Therefore, it was difficult to reconstruct the continuous flow relationships among multiple reaches, which is necessary to estimate a discharge rate for the whole system of a megaflood. Link to abstract

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