Joel, Joel, Antoine and Louis

Posted in Healthy Food & Agriculture on January 15th, 2012 by dhawkinsmo

Joel FuhrmanThis article is about two guys in their fifties who are revolutionizing health care and agriculture – Joel and Joel. That’s Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Joel Salatin. And about a little known but profoundly important scientist – Professor Antoine Bechamp and his much more famous rival – Louis Pasteur. What the two Joel’s are doing is so profound, we really need trumpets to announce it, but I don’t have any, so I’ll make do with my humble blog. I first heard of Joel Salatin back in 1993 when a friend gave me a magazine that advertised one of his books. As the years passed, I kept hearing more about him and in 2008, went to his Field Day with 2 of my kids. Then in 2010, Joel wrote “The Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer” and it was that book that really made me realize what a revolutionary thinker Joel really is. Joel is doing some really remarkable things with his farm. First and foremost, he’s Healing the Land. Joel is using herbivores and perennials to actually BUILD soil, in a time when the vast majority of other farmers are DESTROYING soil. That’s huge because one day if we have no soil, we won’t eat. Secondly, Joel is raising animals with no corn (cows aren’t supposed to eat corn), no antibiotics, Joel Salatinno immunizations and no chemical fertilizers. And his animals rarely get sick and he raises a lot of them. Last I heard his farm revenues were something like $2 million a year. So Joel Salatin is revolutionizing agriculture and healing the land.

Now in one of Joel’s books where he’s talking about animal health, he mentions a scientist by the name of Antoine Bechamp. And basically what Joel gleaned from Bechamp is that animals don’t need drugs to stay healthy, they just need their “terrain” to be controlled correctly. In other words, they must be fed the right food and managed the way God intended them to be managed. If they are not, then the microbes mutate and become virulent and animals get sick and die unless we medicate them heavily. So Joel took Bechamp’s advice and began moving cows around the pasture and letting them eat what they were designed to eat – grass. And since he does this, he doesn’t have to medicate and he has generally healthy cows. He takes a similar approach with chickens, hogs and rabbits. Brilliant. Why isn’t everyone doing this? Read more »