Shapiro: Bacteria are the Smartest Cell Biologists on the Planet

Posted in Creation/Evolution on April 13th, 2012 by dhawkinsmo

Ahoy science geeks!  Shapiro strikes again with another article that is a feast for weird minds like mine!  In an article he wrote in January of this year, Shapiro says

Truly, bacteria are the smartest cell biologists on the planet because they control events in cells of higher organisms in a way that mere human scientists can only dream of imitating.

And I love the final question he poses …

(II) How did the bacteria come to be such sophisticated cell biologists and evolve the capacity to produce molecules that subvert the cell control regimes of higher organisms to their own (i.e. the bacteria’s) benefit? To my mind, this is a far deeper and, ultimately, far more rewarding question to pose.  Read more »

Grass Fed Beef and Presidential Elections

Posted in Healthy Food & Agriculture on April 13th, 2012 by dhawkinsmo

Yesterday on Facebook I about gave somebody a coronary by saying “I think paying a visit to your local grass fed beef rancher is more important than voting for president.”  So let me explain … First, most people agree that the federal government is too big and that the dollar is being destroyed and that abortion should not be legal and taxes are too high and so on, right?  Secondly, nothing really substantive has changed for a very long time whether a Democrat or Republican has been president.  Third, it has recently occurred to me that we have a much bigger problem on our hands than any of those listed above, namely that (a) our farmland is being destroyed by our agricultural practices and thus our ability to feed ourselves in the future (browse my blog), and (b) the only real solution for reversing this land degradation is … drum roll … Holistic Grazing Management of Grass Fed Beef (or bison or wildebeest or some large herbivore).

So … strange as it sounds … the most “responsible citizen” thing you can do might just be … buying grass fed beef / dairy products from your local rancher!   Maybe more important than voting for president. Read more »