Quite Possibly the Perfect Gardening System

Posted in Healthy Food & Agriculture on April 28th, 2012 by dhawkinsmo

WOW. I’M SPEECHLESS. I just watched the most incredible film at http://backtoedenfilm.com/ ! For many years I have had the feeling that modern man is in a sort of slavery. Many of us work at jobs we don’t like for pay that just barely makes ends meet. Many like me have yearned for freedom from the treadmill and craziness we see in the modern world and are taking small steps. We live in the country, we garden, we keep a dairy cow or goat and a small flock of chickens. Some of us have wells or other independent water systems and so on. But one of the things that has consistently baffled me about self sufficient living is gardening. I’ve seen my friends for years tilling, tilling, tilling, hoeing, hoeing, hoeing, weeding, weeding, weeding, adding fertilizer, spraying pesticides and fixing broken tillers. In short, working far too hard for the produce they get. I knew there had to be a better way and this year I discovered Charles Wilber and his world record 300+ lb tomato plants. I also discovered permies.com, Hugelkultur, and Patricia Lanza and her Lasagna Gardening method and I felt like I was very close to having the answer. But I was only close. I knew I had not arrived yet because I still had not solved the mystery of how to grow fruit trees with no pesticides. And the Lasagna gardening method still had one piece that was not acceptable to me – purchased peat moss. To me the ultimate gardening system should use freely available materials, no fertilizers, no watering, AND be ten times less work than tiller gardening. So I kept Googling and talking to people. Then it happened! A friend told me about a film called “Back to Eden”. He said it was about no-till gardening so it Read more »