Greg and Jan Judy’s Fantastic Mob Grazing Internship Program

Posted in Healthy Food & Agriculture on May 25th, 2013 by dhawkinsmo

Greg Surveying a Mob Move

I could not be happier. Greg and Jan Judy have an AWESOME internship program. You never really know what something is going to be like until you get into it, and I can say that having just completed my third week, I am very pleased. In my opinion, there is a near perfect combination of physical labor exercising all the major muscle groups and giving a good cardio workout, intellectual stimulation from conversations with Greg and with the other intern and observation of the wonders of God’s Creation. Greg is probably as close to a perfect boss as anyone could want. He doesn’t sit on the fence cracking the whip while we work or run all over the country speaking while we do all the work. No, no. Greg works right beside us all day long, often working harder than we do, leading the way, showing us how it’s done and taking on a lot of the undesirable, monotonous jobs himself. He also is very sensitive to our desires WRT scheduling. He does ask for a full 50 hour work week, which is quite fair considering what we are gaining by being there, but he is flexible on hours – giving us 2 hour lunch breaks most days (3 if it’s scorching hot), letting us off for required business or family needs, and trying his best to mix our day up with a good combination of monotonous work and mentally stimulating work. Greg recognizes that human beings are not machines. They do much better with Read more »