Whooping Cough and the Columbine School Shooting

Posted in Healthy Food & Agriculture on September 9th, 2013 by dhawkinsmo

WHOOPING COUGH EPIDEMICS are back in the news again. And the mainstream view is that everyone should vaccinate their children to prevent contraction of the disease. But is this the best way to avoid the disease? What causes the disease? Yes, I know the bacterium christened Bordetella Pertussis is the “cause”, but wait a minute. What “caused” kids to die at Columbine high school? Well, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, of course! Well, yes I know, but hold on. Seniors in high school just don’t normally go around killing people … AND … God created bacteria (creeping things) to be “good” (Genesis 1:25) and bacteria, like high school students, don’t normally go around killing people either, in spite of vaccine and antibiotic salesmen telling us they do. “Something unusual” caused Eric and Dylan to act badly … AND … I suspect, “something unusual” is causing B. Pertussis to behave badly as well and cause little kids to have horrible coughing spells and die. How about we do a little Google searching of scientific literature and see what we turn up on this topic? Bingo. Here’s a paper that says right in the abstract (paper summary) …

“Abstract. Bordetella pertussis produces a complex array of adhesins, aggressins and toxins that are
presumed to be important in the colonisation of its human host and in ensuring its survival and propagation. The organism also has highly sophisticated mechanisms for regulating virulence factor expression, in
response to environmental signals or by reversible mutations.”

LINK TO PAPER HERE … Hmm … did you catch that? “HIGHLY SOPHISTICATED MECHANISMS FOR REGULATING VIRULENCE FACTOR EXPRESSION IN RESPONSE TO ENVIRONMENTAL SIGNALS OR BY REVERSIBLE MUTATIONS.” So … just as Eric and Dylan were no doubt affected by their environment which in turn was partly to blame for their behavior, in the same way, B. Pertussis is ALSO affected by it’s environment in the human body and this environment has a direct effect on VIRULENCE FACTOR EXPRESSION, i.e. whether the bacterium is dangerous to humans or not. This definitely calls for more study. (Note to self: do a full blog research article on this). This is a fascinating topic in light of the info on microbe pleomorphism (must read Wiki article on this topic HERE) and the resulting virulence (or non-virulence) discovered by Antoine Bechamp way back in Pasteur’s day.  To explain simply the difference between Pasteur and Bechamp, Pasteur taught that “microbes – viruses and bacteria – are bad guys” and you need to have antibiotics to “kill the bad guys” and vaccinations to teach the immune system to “kill the bad guys.”  This was great news for companies wanting to sell vaccinations and antibiotics to the masses.  Bechamp, on the other hand, was more thoughtful and realized that “microbes *become* bad in bad environments” (lousy diet, dirty living conditions, what have you).  Not such great news for companies selling vaccinations, antibiotics and industrial food (which causes microbes to mutate and become virulent).  Bechamp’s work was discovered for me by reading Joel Salatin’s books. Stay tuned for more on this topic!