Amazing Things I Learned in 2011

I posted this on Facebook late last year, but I’m copying it to my blog so it is searchable by everyone.

1) The plow and the tiller are two of our greatest enemies. They are destroying our soil and hence, our ability to feed ourselves in the future.
2) The Native Americans (whom Europeans displaced with our guns and our plows) had a sustainable food system. We would be wise to rediscover many of their ways.
3) God designed a perfect, natural system which builds soil rather than depletes it – Herbivores & Perennials. Google the terms “Salatin Mob Stocking” for a great article on this or search my blog.
4) I’m selling my tiller this year and I will never disturb garden soil again. God designed a perfect system for tilling the soil – Earthworms. All we have to do is attract them. Read how in “Lasagana Gardening” by Patricia Lanza
5) My first attempt at being an entrepreneur was a Tomato Business. That was in 1997. At that time I was told by conventional wisdom that a tomato plant could produce a maximum of 30 lbs of tomatoes. This year I learned that the World Record is actually 342 lbs! Google “Charles Wilber Tomato Amazon”
6) Cows are not supposed to eat corn. It screws them up and they would die early if we did not slaughter them first. It also screws up many things in their meat and milk, which in turn, screws up the long term health of the people who eat the meat and drink the milk. Google “Pollan Omnivore’s Dilemma” and see
7) Chickens are supposed to eat lots of grass and bugs and not much grain. Again, eggs and meat from unnaturally fed chickens is not healthy for you
8) Dr. Joel Fuhrman has turned the Food Pyramid on its head and he’s saving lives and single-handedly solving the healthcare crisis. Google him. You’ll be glad you did. (Hat tip to Autumn Bear) Google “Fuhrman Whole Foods Inc”
9) “A little leaven leavens the whole lump.” It’s not good enough to be mostly humble, or mostly honest, or mostly kind. God wants us to get rid of ALL the leaven, not just most of it.
10) Sequel Databases married to the Worldwide Web is like using Bandaids and Duct Tape to fix broken toys. What’s needed is a new “toy.” See Think. Code. Done.

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