Ancient Hebrew Hieroglyphics

Coolest Bible study ever … I never knew before that ancient Hebrew used hieroglyphics (word pictures) … I had always heard of Egyptian hieroglyphics, but never Hebrew (Chinese also uses hieroglyphics) … My study of this (thanks to Ken Nair and his “Life Partners” marriage seminar) helped me to finally understand (after 22 years of marriage) the wife’s primary role in a marriage … No it’s not cooking and cleaning and cheer leading … It is “revealing the enemy” (the enemy being un-Christlikeness) which wars against her husband. See pic at left. Ancient Hebrew on left, modern on right. Enjoy. Here’s the Amazon link for the book …LINK HERE. So the ancient Hebrew word “ezer” literally means “revealer of the ‘ax man’ or enemy”, the idea being a military setting. Quite a different sense from the KJV translation of “help meet” and the modern interpretations of this.  The wife is a “watchman” designed to detect the slightest bit of un-Christlikeness in her husband. And boy is my wife good at this! Wow. So now that I understand this, I can appreciate my wife’s role much better and actually benefit from it, instead of getting irritated when she reacts against something I do wrong. As Ken explains, she’s SUPPOSED to react like that. That’s how God designed her! Amazing stuff. I wish I had learned this 25 years ago!

2 Responses to “Ancient Hebrew Hieroglyphics”

  1. Jack Serra says:

    I wrote a book entitled. REVEALER of the ENEMY and glad to see your agreement.



  2. Aquilla Fleetwood says:

    To the Truth Matters; I am a Christian who is interested in how the stars are for signs and how the heavens declare the glory of God. I know how to read ancient Hebrew hieroglyphs and their word pictures. How are the stars for signs? How do the heavens or stars declare the glory of God? God used the constellations to form a message that man could understand when looked at from a more Biblical point of view. God created writting and not man! God decided how the constellations should be drawn and man’s depiction of them are not correct! Why would God put two so-called dippers close to the North Star. Why would God place this North Star directly over the axis of this earth so that it would appear to be the only star that never moves during the night? Why would God put the Northern Cross so close to this North Star? There are answers! Google, Aquilla Fleetwood, Night Signs. Click on any site to see how these constellations should be drawn as God intended them and not man! Google, Jeff Benner, the North Star. Google, Dr. Frank T. Seekins, Hebrew Word Pictures. These sites should help you to understand the answers to my questions above! Thanks, Aquilla