Creation: So Easy a Caveman Can Get It

CavemanFrom Ken Ham’s blog recently …

“A good laugh is also considered good medicine. Recently, the Bob Jones University Help at Home Live program broadcast on the university’s satellite network (BJ HomeSat) visited the Creation Museum. They not only filmed the Museum, but also interviewed me for the program (see photograph). They also asked me to be involved in a parody of the GEICO caveman commercials. You will really get a laugh when you see this parody.”

Link to Ken’s Blog                            Link to BJU Geico Spoof

NOTE TO IIDB FORUM MEMBERS: I would have posted this at IIDB, but I think that “Worldtraveller,” an anti-creationist activist moderator there, would have issued me an infraction for “baiting.” Funny … from reading others’ posts, it appears that “baiting” is a one-way street … an infraction only issued to creationists.

5 Responses to “Creation: So Easy a Caveman Can Get It”

  1. professorsmith says:

    Hello Dave.

    I’m Smith. Agent Smith. Heh. Just kidding. I have an ID-related blog. Check it out at

    I think the IDers are gaining ground.


  2. dhawkinsmo says:

    Hi P. Smith–

    Glad to see you are in on the blog wars. Are you a real professor? Where? And what do you teach?


  3. professorsmith says:

    I am 3 years away from tenure if everything goes well. Once I hit that point, I’m untouchable and I can say whatever I want publicly. Until then I can be given the Gonzalez treatment. No way am I screwing it up this close to the end. So for the next three years I’m anonymous. I’m not telling what uni I work at, what department, or even what state. But I think anybody who reads the blog will see that I know what I’m talking about. I hope a lot of people visit. One of the problems with ID right now is that people in the sciences won’t talk about it out of concern for their careers, and so you end up with a lot of, to be perfectly frank, clueless people promoting it. So the public sees on the one side, PhD’s like PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins, and on the other side, well, let me not mention some of the prominent ID spokesmen, but lets just say people who really don’t know anything about biology, and it gives the public a bad impression about ID. This situation will continue until more young people like myself either blog anonymously or get tenure. What was it that Planck said? Science advances one funeral at a time?

    Hopefully lots of people will read my blog and I’ll be able to contribute in some small way to showing people that real, working scientists are thinking about this stuff.

  4. dhawkinsmo says:

    I think we should all encourage non-tenured profs like yourself to start anonymous blogs like you have done.

  5. lordkalvan says:

    Anyone interested in a different ‘take’ on the creationist hagiography of Gonzalez should check out the 23 April 2008 edition of eskeptic magazine available here

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