Creationism on the Rise in the UK

scicreationism.jpg“Experts call for creationism in the classroom

Anthea Lipsett
Friday October 5, 2007

Growing numbers of pupils believe in creationism, and science teachers should be prepared to cover the topic in their classes, education experts said today.

Creationism – the belief that life came into existence thousands of years ago as described in the Bible or the Qur’an, rather than millions of years ago, which scientists believe – is on the rise in the UK.

This makes the teaching of the scientific theory of evolution a problem in some schools.

But academics from the Institute of Education in London and Valdosta State University in the US say the theory of evolution should be taught as a significant part of science lessons, with room to discuss creationism.”

Full story here …,,2184632,00.html Thanks, Dr. Monty White of AiG and others! Your work is paying off.

One Response to “Creationism on the Rise in the UK”

  1. lordkalvan says:

    I think if you read further about the views of Michael Reiss, one of the education experts from the University of London’s Institute of Education that is referred to here, you will find that his advocate’s introducing creationism in toscience lessons not, as you seem to imply, to give it equal weight with, say the theory of evolution, but rather to demonstrate its inadequacy as a competing scientific theory.