Hospitals Are Dangerous Places to Be

HospitalAccording to, it would take about 200 – 747 jet crashes per year to equal the preventable deaths in hospitals …

… statistically speaking hospitals are just about the most dangerous places to be in the United States. Three times as many people die every year due to medical errors in hospitals as die on our highways — 100,000 deaths compared to 34,000. The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that nearly 100,000 people die annually in hospitals from medical errors. Of this group, 80,000 die from hospital acquired infections, many of which can be prevented. Given the above number of admissions that means that 1 out of every 370 people admitted to a hospital dies due to medical errors. So hospitals are very dangerous places.

It would take about 200 747 airplanes to crash annually to equal 100,000 preventable deaths. Imagine the American outcry if one 747 crashed every day for 200 consecutive days in the U.S. The airlines would stand before the nation and the world in disgrace. Currently in our non-transparent health care delivery system, Americans have no way of knowing which hospitals are the most dangerous. We simply take uninformed chances with our lives at stake. LINK HERE

And people think I’M the kooky one for taking my cue from Weston Price and trying to avoid getting sick (or going to the dentist) by changing my diet. So far, it’s working … I haven’t been to the doctor OR dentist in over a year and I don’t plan on going ever again if I can help it. My “No Doctor / no Dentist” diet is simple. Eat natural unprocessed foods. That is, grass fed beef and grass fed raw milk, pastured poultry and eggs, organically grown fruits and vegetables, deep sea (non-polluted) seafood and so on. This is my personal answer to Obamacare.  Yes, yes, I know … we need hospitals for some things – like surgery and … uh … um … what else?  Well anyway, surgery.  But then we have to ask, why do people need surgery?  Well … at THIS hospital, they list the following …

Most Common Surgeries Performed
The most common surgeries performed at St. Cloud Hospital and facilitated through the Center for Surgical Care are:


Laminectomies (for herniated discs and other conditions related to the spinal cord)
Total joint replacements (knee, hip, etc.)
Cardiovascular procedures
Cervical disc procedures
Transuretheral prostate surgery
Radical prostatectomies

… most of which, I believe, can be prevented by proper nutrition / lifestyle. But what do I know? I’m a kooky radical.

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