How to Beat Mineral Depletion in Grocery Store Produce

Many people today are aware that our topsoils are not only being washed away by tillage, but also that they are depleted of minerals compared to what they used to be 100 years ago. Here’a an article that discusses this problem. LINK HERE. What to do about the problem? Well, this article is promoting ocean based fertilizers – which, I am sure, are great. But how much do they cost? Probably a lot. But hold on. Most people don’t realize that there is a solution available to this problem which can often be obtained for free. Yes, it’s possible to turn dirt, water, sunshine, minerals from deep in the ground, air and just a little bit of fun, healthful labor – nothing more – into the most nutrient dense, mineral rich fruits and vegetables on the planet. Purchase my $1 eBook to find out the solution. Yes, that’s right. Just $1. I absolutely guarantee that you will save many times more than the $1 you spend or your money back. If you implement this system, you will also have vegetables that are much better than grocery store vegetables and better than traditional home garden vegetables, full of the proper minerals to give you and your family the best health possible. My eBook tells you everything you need to know and tells my story as well. I’m not asking you to try something that I have not done successfully myself. Try it. You’ll like it! CLICK HERE to purchase “The Lazy Gardener” eBook for only $1.  Something else you should know – “Organic” doesn’t necessarily solve the mineral problem if by “organic” they simply mean “pesticide free.”  If “organic” produce is fertilized with fertilizers which contain the proper mix of minerals – such as (presumably) the ocean fertilizers referenced above – then great.  But not all “organic” produce is grown this way.

This system is SOOOOO easy too. Jesus said “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” For years, I labored and labored trying to get healthy produce from my garden. Then I discovered the natural (God’s) system and my gardening has been sooooo easy ever since! One more Scripture I want to share with you is found in Psalm 127 where it says “In vain you rise early and stay up late toiling for food to eat, for He grants sleep to those He loves.” Enjoy!

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