Hungary Destroys Monsanto GMO Maize Fields

Three cheers for Hungary! Banning Monsanto GMO corn. Gotta love it! But you know … you too can put Monsanto on a much needed “diet” by doing something relatively simple … (a) buy a freezer so that you can (b) stop buying meat, milk and eggs from the (Monsanto supplied) grocery store, and start (c) buying all your meat, milk, cheese, eggs and chicken from a local farmer who raises these items on PASTURE, not GMO corn and soybean feed.  Some may ask,”Why is GMO bad?  Can’t we feed more people with GMO feed?”  The answer is – in the short term yes, but in the long term no.  In fact, the current agricultural paradigm of row cropping is destroying our farmland and thus, our future ability to feed ourselves.  Adopting a new (actually ancient) agricultural paradigm centered around perennial pasture and grazing herbivore herds does the exact opposite – it actually reverses land degradation and will allow us to feed more people over the long term.

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