Lego Corporation Gets It Right

Evolutionists say that humans and dinosaurs did NOT co-exist, but numerous pieces of evidence indicate that they did, including the Biblical Book of Job, Chapters 40 & 41, legends of knights fighting “dragons,” artwork of dragons and dinosaurs, and fossilized tracks of human and dinosaur footprints together in the same strata.

The evolutionary establishment goes to great lengths to indoctrinate kids with their views about evolution, but apparently, the Lego artists who created this play set didn’t get the message. Way to go, Lego!

7 Responses to “Lego Corporation Gets It Right”

  1. malfhok says:

    LoL, quite fun. Thanks for the humorous and pointed post.

  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Poe’s Law all over the place! Great satire. Are you trying to pull a Roger Ebert?

  3. lordkalvan says:

    I am rather surprised to see you referencing fraudulent ‘dinosaur and human footprints’ claims as if they were established fact, unless I misunderstand you and you are making a wry joke of some sort. Carl Baugh’s Paluxy River claim is but one of several efforts to promulgate this nonsense with either obviously deliberate frauds or uncritical and ill-informed interpretations of fossilised trackways. Even Answers in Genesis regards Baugh as damaging to the YEC case, as can be seen at this website:

    If you are not, in fact, just making a joke and if you have evidence that supports your claims, you should post it rather than simply making sweeping assertions about its existence and relying on myth and legend to prop them up.

  4. lordkalvan says:

    And in regard to your link to the latest ‘find’, you may want to check out this Mineral Wells report on the less than salubrious backgrounds of the supposed ‘discoverers’:

  5. geochristian says:

    I like the Lego box, but none of the dinosaur-and-human-footprints-together sites hold up to investigation. Both Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research admit that none of these track sites appear to have valid human footprints.

    In reality, if the young-Earth creationist flood scenario were correct, we shouldn’t have dinosaurs or humans romping around in large numbers in what would be late-flood (Cretaceous) rocks anyways. I’ve written about this here:
    and here:

  6. .


    I wanted to hop in on this post. Paluxy River is not the only place where human prints (and artifacts for that matter) have been found. Even the non-Christian and “ancient alien” theorist author of Forbidden Archaeology document the many man made items that dot the many layers in the geologic table as well as poly-straight fossils, drop stones, etc. Evidence from ornate stone work:

    to even the formation of geologic tables and columns:

    While you were probably right in pointing out the weakness of Baugh, the strength of the YEC argument is still strong, and the evolutionary time-table is just not fitting the facts.

    Papa Giorgio

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