Lots of Things Are Shut Down Because of Coronavirus … I Say “Good Riddance” to Many of Them


Some comments on each item you mention … “shut down schools” … I say good riddance … we should be discipling / mentoring kids … not bussing them to prison (oh sorry, school) and then lecturing them in the classroom. The whole system is fundamentally flawed in my opinion. What do I mean specifically by “mentoring / discipling”? Well, outside of “the three R’s” I think most learning should be hands on and completely reoriented towards the goal of preparing children to be well rounded, free citizens … stewards of the Earth, not to be slaves of multinational corporations, which is the current goal. And yes, I realize there are obstacles to this, one important one being that we need to expand “unalienable rights” to include a fourth item … “life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness … AND 3-4 GOOD ACRES OF LAND.” If this was an “unalienable right” and young people were free to build simple low cost homes (like mine) on this land, then they wouldn’t have to spend most of their school years training to be slaves (or slave drivers) within the corporate system. “Closed businesses” … it’s interesting to me to observe which businesses are “essential” and which are not. I can’t find an open barber shop now to save my life and the fact is that I CAN cut my own hair or get my ex-wife or one of my kids or a friend to do it. How about companies like Hershey (candy bars) and McKey Foods (Little Debbies) and Dunkin’ Doughnuts? Are those essential? I would say absolutely not. They, along with many other companies that produce sugary foods and refined carbohydrates are actually a menace to our health. How about insurance companies? I would argue that we would be better off without some types of insurance, for example, home owner’s insurance would not be needed if homes were much simpler and less expensive. My house cost about $3000 and I have no homeowners insurance. “Closed national parks” … our current national park philosophy is fundamentally flawed. We need to apply the concept known as “Trophic Rewilding” applied holistically to ALL land — not just national parks, where large herbivores are re-introduced and where humans are included as top predators. “Promoted general bailouts” … as you probably agree, this is an age old scheme for power grabbers to consolidate power. “Suspended church services” … wouldn’t it be interesting if we were forced back to “house churches” with no salaried pastors and no fancy buildings? Hmm. “Separated the young from the old.” I would argue that this has been going on for a long time … it’s a feature of our “civilized” Cainian-Graeco-Roman-Corporate-Reductionist system. One of the most interesting reversals to me of this long term trend is the integration of “Daycare” with “Elder Care” … I hope I can one day interest [Name deleted] in accompanying me to visit one of these facilities and letting our dreams run wild!! He has the ideal experience for this with his past business experience. “Overnight collapse of employment” … Trump talks about jobs, jobs, jobs. Meanwhile I myself am seeking to work LESS at my “town job” and become more self sufficient. If life is set up correctly, a person doesn’t need a 50 hour per week “job” … a person could have most everything needed with perhaps 10 – 15 hours of weekly work at a “town job.” Everything else could be self produced on his “3-4 good acres of land” (4th unalienable right) in with relatively little (non-slave) work. Note that the famous economist John Maynard Keynes predicted that humans would only be working 15 hours per week by now … he was wrong because his assumptions were wrong. As for your last two items, they are related to the others, so now my rant is done!!

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