Moses in the U.S. House Chamber

This is from Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis International, on his blog …

Saturday, September 17th, 2005

You may remember me mentioning on my blog some time back about our visit to the Capitol Building in Washington DC (To Washington and Back). As Congress was not in session, we were able to go into the House Chamber. Around the the walls near the top there are sculptures of lots of famous people—but the one that stood out was Moses. Moses is the ONLY one who is seen face on and he is looking directly at the Rostrum. When the President gives a State of the Union address, Moses is looking right at him. I was able to locate a web site that shows you pictures of all the sculptures in the House Chamber—the following link takes you directly to the Moses sculpture—and you can then look at the others if you want to.

Moses—the law giver who looks over Congress but is not allowed in court rooms or public schools! The irony is stunning.

In my opinion, the display in the House Chamber is quite proper with all the lesser lawgivers facing Moses. This chamber was built during a time in our country when appropriate respect was given to the Bible and its heroes. In fact, the USA was built directly upon Biblical laws and principles, hence it’s great success.

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