Nasa Sponsors Course on How to Talk to Aliens

Over at Kids4Truth International, we recently wrote a fanciful Dynamation to highlight the fact that scientists are looking for aliens but have missed the most obvious “Alien” … the Creator Himself. It appears from the following article that interest in aliens is starting to pick up again.

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By Tom Leonard in New York
Last Updated: 6:40PM BST 19 May 2008

English students at the University of Wyoming are being encouraged to consider the possibility that humanity might one day make contact with aliens and then not know what to say.

“Interstellar Message Composition”, a creative writing class, is believed to be the first of its kind to engage writers in a potential cosmic conversation, say its founders.

“We’ve thought a lot about how we might communicate with other worlds, but we haven’t thought much about what we’d actually say,” Prof Jeffrey Lockwood, the course leader, told ABC News.

The course, currently being taken by 11 students, is partly financed by Nasa’s Wyoming Space Grant Consortium, which sponsors educational and research projects in the state that support the agency’s missions.

One Response to “Nasa Sponsors Course on How to Talk to Aliens”

  1. lordkalvan says:

    Well, I suppose the reason NASA pursues the one is that it appears plausible that ‘first contact’ with intelligent life from another planet is a possibility, whereas there is no indication that the intelligent supernatural lifeform we imagine and call ‘God’ has any interest in contacting us at all except through self-appointed spokespersons who claim to have a direct line to understanding his great eternal plan.