North and South Poles Were Once Tropical!

MR. NOAH: Honey, where would like to go for vacation this year?
MRS. NOAH: Well dear, we’ve been working so hard this year, I think we should take the big one and go to the North Pole. I’ve heard the beaches are great and the snorkeling and scuba diving is legendary.

Sound weird? According to recent studies, this scenario is entirely possible because the North and South Poles were both once tropical.

Wednesday, 31 May 2006, 17:21 GMT 18:21 UK

Arctic’s tropical past uncovered

By Rebecca Morelle
Science reporter, BBC News

Fifty-five million years ago the North Pole was an ice-free zone with tropical temperatures, according to research. A sediment core excavated from 400m (1,300ft) below the seabed of the Arctic Ocean has enabled scientists to delve far back into the region’s past. An international team has been able to pin-point the changes that occurred as the Arctic transformed from this hot environment to its present cold status. The findings are revealed in a trio of papers published in the journal Nature.

The bottom end of the cylinder helped scientists to uncover what had happened to the Arctic during a dramatic global event known as the Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, which occurred about 55 million years ago.

“This time period is associated with a very enhanced greenhouse effect,” explained Appy Sluijs, a palaeoecologist from Utrecht University in the Netherlands, and the lead author on one of the papers.

“Basically, it looks like the Earth released a gigantic fart of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere – and globally the Earth warmed by about 5C (9F).

“This event is already widely studied over the whole planet – but the one big exception was the Arctic Ocean.”

The core revealed that before 55 million years ago, the surface waters of the Arctic Ocean were ice-free and as warm as 18C (64F).

But the sudden increase in greenhouse gases boosted them to a balmy 24C (75F) and the waters suddenly filled with a tropical algae, Apectodinium.

Readers of The Genesis Flood (1961) by creationist pioneers Henry Morris and John Whitcomb would have suspected this to be the case by reading the section entitled “Universally Warm Climate” on p. 243.

Apparently, the South Pole was once tropical also …

Since the time when dinosaurs roamed a tropical Antarctic continent, the world has cooled down by 6.5 degrees Celsius.

Of course, secular scientists believe that this tropical climate at the North and South poles happened millions of years ago, but their assumptions for this belief are flawed as other creationists have shown.

The more likely scenario than the “millions of years ago” story is that …

1) Conditions were very different prior to the Flood (Genesis 2:5-6, 8:22)
2) The Flood happened and changed everything
3) There was an Ice Age following the Flood lasting several hundred years
4) The ice melted somewhat and the sea levels rose

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4 Responses to “North and South Poles Were Once Tropical!”

  1. lordkalvan says:

    Your points (1)-(4) regarding the ‘more likely scenario’ seem largely unsupported by anything you quote here and would require significant evidential substantiation before they could be accepted as an accurate description of geological history in a very narrow window of time from 6.5-4 thousand years ago. Indeed, virtually the entirety of modern archaeological, historical and geological knowledge from before three thousand years ago would have to be rewritten.

  2. lordkalvan says:

    You gloss over multiple references in even these popular science articles that indicate timescales in the tens of millions of years with the claim that these are ‘beliefs’ rather than well-established scientific facts. You further claim that ‘other creationists’ have shown these facts to be flawed when all they have done is cherry-pick data and construct elaborate unevidenced models that force-fit the cherry-picked data to demonstrate the validity of a narrow, literalist interpretation of the Bible. You selectively quote the articles to avoid any mention of the transformations taking place in the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans that the researchers are confident occurred over millions of years.

    The cores taken hold ‘layer upon layer of compressed fossils and minerals, which when studied can tell the story of millions of years of Arctic history’, but this is a part of the article that you choose to omit. Why? Do you believe that these multiple layers of evidence that attest to processes lasting millions of years in fact all took place in less than the one year of the Biblical Flood and, if you do, what evidence supports your conclusion against that of these scientists? You seem happy to cherry-pick the parts of their work that support your ideas and pour ill-considered scorn upon those parts that don’t.

    That you choose to use a popular science article that reports findings that stretch from 33 million to 350 million years ago to support claims of a legendary global event supposedly occurring less than 5,000 years ago for which no evidence exists within the claimed time-frame and, indeed, for which much evidence exists that would persuade most reasonable people that it never happened at all, smacks of desperation, to say the least.

  3. Asteroid hitting earth triggers volcanic eruptions, flooding, major climate change, and Dinosaur mass extinction

  4. joijoj says:

    You obviously trust more on a book, the Bible, than in all evidence everywhere around usl. That seems kinda of, well, lacking intelligence.