Sorry, I’m Not Buying Obama’s Russia / Ukraine Propaganda – Thanks World Net Daily!

Watching the mainstream news, we are led to believe that “Putin is being a bad guy. Obama is the good guy and will impose ‘costs’ on Russia for their action.” Oh but wait. What about that little treaty that was signed in 1997 between Russia and Ukraine? According to World Net Daily …

“Russian troop movements on the Crimean Peninsula are permitted under a 1997 Partition Treaty signed between Russia and Ukraine, as long as there are not more than 25,000 Russian troops. At present, the Russians have about 16,000 troops on the peninsula, which means a further increase of troops would be permitted. The Kremlin contends the move is to protect ethnic Russians who make up a majority of the population on the peninsula and in eastern Ukraine. Moscow asserts that ethnic Russians, especially in the Crimea, are being threatened by ultra-nationalists, as WND recently reported.”

Whoo boy. Here we go again. Another exercise in “reading between the lines” about what Obama (and his puppet masters?) are REALLY doing, similar to the 911 Event, though not nearly as big, hopefully. Remember also that US Intelligence was “unaware” of the troops movements.  Imagine that!  So let’s think here … Intelligence missed the troop movements.  Obama apparently isn’t aware of the treaty. Hmmm …

Do you buy that?  I don’t.  Something’s up, readers of Orwell.  As usual. Here’s another link corroborating WND’s story. LA Times piece about the treaty HERE.

What, exactly, is “up” Dave?  Well, I don’t know all the intermediate steps exactly, but I DO know the end game.  It’s described in Revelation 13.  It appears to me that powerful people behind the scenes are pulling the puppet strings of the politicians in order to accomplish their will, that is, a New World Order which will enslave us all.  Revelation 13 describes this in some detail.  But thankfully, Revelation also tells us of God’s government which will replace it!  “And He shall reign forever and ever!  Hallelujah! Hallelujah!”

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