The Real Scoop on Climate Change (Global Warming)

Climate Change (sometimes called Global Warming) is real. And it’s deadly. But it’s poorly understood by most people. There is so much confusion surrounding this topic that it’s no wonder everyone’s confused. But I really enjoy simplifying confusing topics so stick with me for a minute and I will explain it very simply and clearly so you will never have to be confused about it again.  Here we go …

The Sahara Desert is hot. I think we all agree on that. How about rainfall? It doesn’t get much, do you agree? It’s about 1″ per year I think. ONE INCH. That’s all. That’s really dry. My home state of Missouri gets about 36″ by contrast.

So the Sahara Desert is hot and dry NOW. Agreed? But … has it always been this way? NO! So what if I could prove to you that N. Africa (now called the Sahara Desert) used to be lush and fertile with plenty of rain? Would you then agree with me that North Africa has experienced climate change? I hope you would. Well as we know already, North Africa (now called the Sahara Desert) did in fact used to be lush and fertile with plenty of rain. I’ve written about this before, so much so, people are probably tired of hearing about it. Click HERE for my article. From the science paper (2000) quoted in my article …

At that time, subtropical North Africa was characterized by numerous large and small lakes which supported abundant savannah and lake margin fauna such as antelope, giraffe, elephant, hippopotamus, crocodile, and human populations in regions that today have almost no measurable precipitation (McIntosh and McIntosh, 1983). FULL TEXT OF PAPER

So that’s it. It’s really that simple. I’ve proven to you that climate change is real *in North Africa* at least.  Do you agree?

What about the rest of the world?

Well that’s great, but what about the rest of the world? Well the same thing is happening in many other parts of the world as what happened in North Africa. See my article HERE for the Google Earth map with the big red circles showing all the areas that are becoming desert – i.e. climate change, just like North Africa.  Do you see that lots of areas all over the world are turning to desert, just like North Africa did many centuries ago?

Why is this happening?

Good question. Some people say it’s man made emissions. And this is where many people snort and say “nonsense” and I would have to agree with them.   In my opinion,  man made emissions cannot possibly cause what happened in North Africa and what IS happening in the western USA and other parts of the world.  But what they are NOT right about is their ideas that “climate change is BS.”   I feel that this would be throwing the baby out with the bath water.

My view is that the cause of climate change is twofold:

(1) tillage for planting of wheat, corn and soybeans, and
(2) improper grazing management of livestock

In my opinion, that’s why North Africa experienced climate change. And that’s why other parts of the world will ALSO experience climate change if nothing is done to stop the problem.

The global hydrological cycle

Here’s how this works. The global hydrologic cycle is really just a machine that God designed and it works great if man doesn’t interfere with it. Unfortunately, however, man HAS interfered with it, but most people don’t understand HOW man has interfered with it. Here’s how …

(a) Year after year, the ground is tilled and year after year, topsoil is lost
(b) Year after year, crop yields get less and less, even with increased inputs, GMO crops, etc.
(c) Eventually NOTHING will grow and we have dry, barren ground
(d) Transpiration (plants giving off water vapor) doesn’t happen any more
(e) Albedo is higher [low albedo = dark color (vegetation) vs. high albedo = light color (desert)]
(f) The cycle reinforces itself until we have a full blown desert. Hot and dry and desolate.

“These studies support the conclusion that decreased albedo in the Sahara Desert would enhance convection and increase rainfall.” (James R. Miller, Gary L. Russell, “Modeling Feedbacks Between Water and Vegetation in the North African Climate System,” in the book Scientists Debate Gaia [2004], p. 298) CLICK HERE FOR BOOK PREVIEW.

Tillage is not the only way to destroy land

The same thing happens with improper livestock grazing management, but not as quickly. Here’s what happens with livestock. God designed a perfect system for maintaining vegetative cover – in the form of a savanna – on the earth. This system could be called the “Perennial Grass / Savanna / Predator / Herbivore System” I guess. I need a catchier name, but that will do. When man was not disturbing the system too much – such as prior to the European conquest in N. America – you had huge wild herds of buffalo, elk, deer, etc being constantly moved by predators – wolves, coyotes, mountain lions – to fresh areas of grassland. This constant moving kept grasslands healthy and the whole system produces lots of food, sustainably forever. Kill off the predators and the large herbivores and put up fences and the whole system collapses and the grassland slowly dies, though much more slowly than under a tillage regime.

The good news

The best good news is found in Revelation 21:1 – God will make a new heaven and a new earth. But until then, God wants us to “subdue” the earth, not degrade it. Genesis 1:28. And there is good news here too.  Allan Savory, Mark Shepard, P.A. Yeomans, Darren Dhoerty, Geoff Lawton and other Permaculture leaders have answers for reversing desertification and reversing climate change. I’ve written on this elsewhere. Please search my blog.


Climate change is real. It happened in North Africa and will happen elsewhere, ergo – global desertification, ergo – global warming.  There you have it. That’s as simple as I know how to make it.

Thanks for reading!

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