Why you should start “voting” at the grocery store (instead of your polling place)

HOW TO SLAY THE FEDERAL “BEAST” (And the Monsanto Beast and the Health Care Beast and Big Pharma Beast as well) (This post prompted by all the posts I see on Facebook about politics)

1) Begin “voting” at the grocery store instead of your polling place (voting at the polling place is getting us nowhere)
2) Stop buying grocery store corn fed beef which is horribly destructive to human health, our ecosystems and our land, nasty corn fed lifeless milk and concentration camp eggs
3) Call Art Ozias at Breezy Hill Farm in Centerview, MO and get an education about “real” beef, “real” milk and “real eggs.” Call David Kesten of David’s Pasture LLC for a much improved chicken (compared to grocery store chicken) and “real” eggs also
4) Read everything you can from the Weston A. Price Foundation and about the Paleo Diet / Lifestyle and Google “Blue Zones Oprah”
5) If everyone in America would do nothing more that Steps 1-4 above, we would see great progress toward the goals in my title above. Why? How?

Because it would revitalize rural America causing millions of Americans to realize their dream of moving OUT of the cities and back to the country and small towns (where we all belong). As this occurs, people would become more self sufficient / local community sufficient and would need LESS $ income, therefore less taxes both federal and state (thus “starving the beast”). There would be less demand for corn fed beef (most corn goes through cows) and thus for the “Franken-corn” and the “Franken-soybeans” from Monsanto used to feed the Franken-cows whose Franken-beef and Franken-milk are slowly killing us all. We would all be much more healthy and fit and this would solve the Health Care Crisis and reduce our dependence on Big Pharma to keep us healthy (Big Pharma doesn’t actually keep us healthy at all – it just masks our symptoms). We would all drive less because we wouldn’t need to go to the city very often because we would be either producing our own food or trading with neighbors for it and the more people that practiced this kind of lifestyle, the more access we would have to LOCAL Upwards soccer clubs and baseball leagues instead of having to drive so far. There would be less dangerous trucks clogging I-70 because we would be buying much less trucked in food and if we got radically simple with our housing (you’d be surprised what 1 guy and a small portable sawmill can do), then there would be less trucking for building materials as well.

End of rant. :-)

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