Worldwide Flood Layers and Erosion

I often use Ken Ham’s phrase about massive evidence for the Flood of Noah being Millions of dead things, buried in rock layers, laid down by water, all over the earth. But people sometimes ask me, “Dave, where are these layers that you talk about”? Well … they are … er … all over the earth, like I said. Some place as much as 2 miles thick. Think of it! 2 mile thick layers of water laid sediment. Not just water laid mind you … TURBULENT water laid. It was no shallow, placid sea that laid this sediment. We’re talking massive boulder transport and huge wave evidence. Click the “more” link here to see some pictures from three different continents …

N. America



Read more about an excellent scientific theory for how all this sediment got buried at Dr. Walter Brown’s website at Dr. Brown is the author of the Hydroplate Theory which is similar in many respects to the original version of the Plate Tectonics Theory first proposed by Antonio-Snider Peligrini.

You can read more about what I think at my Formal Debate on the Flood and at my “AFDave’s Creator God Hypothesis.”

We creationists think they got eroded in the Receding Phase of the Great Flood of Noah as the water was running off into the newly enlarged ocean basins, OR sometime during the single Ice Age which followed the Flood as a result of a large ice and/or debris dams which broke catastrophically. The erosion probably took place before the sediments had hardened. See for an example of this. See also my blog article about the Megaflood that Formed the English Channel.

Dr. Brown has agreed to weekly recorded discussions of his Hydroplate Theory. We have one taker so far — Mike PSS, a chemical engineer from Florida who posts at IIDB, and his only condition is that you read the complete theory (Mike is reading right now). I am hoping that I can convince others to do a call as well. I would also like to do a call with Dr. Joe Meert, a professional geologist and forum member at IIDB who at one time was pursuing a debate with Dr. Brown.

2 Responses to “Worldwide Flood Layers and Erosion”

  1. lordkalvan says:

    There’s a great deal of assertion here and not much evidence. Sedimentary rocks average around 1800m (just over a mile) in thickness on the continents, but this is variable. The Canadian Shield, for example, has no cover of sedimentary rocks at all; on the other hand the Louisiana and Texas Gulf coasts have sedimentary rock deposits of over 20,000m (in excess of 12 miles); that the latter was deposited by the Biblical Flood seems a bizarre idea at best. Furthermore, the ways in which sedimentary rocks are deposited give definite clues about how they were deposited. These clues can provide information such as the depth of water in which the deposits were laid and the velocity and direction of the currents involved. None of these clues indicate support for the scenario you blithely imagine in respect of the Biblical Flood. Geologists also have convincing evidence for four major ice ages having occurred over millions of years together with associated multiple glacial and interglacial periods. I would be interested in how you fit this evidence into the timescale demanded by your narrow, literalist interpretation of the Bible.

  2. lordkalvan says:

    You have also posted in your blog an article on the volcanic resurfacing of Venus – in what may well have been a single, planet-encompassing catastrophic event – as ‘reasonable’ grounds for supposing that a similar event took place on Earth, thus supporting young Earth creationist ideas about geology.

    I would be interested in how you would argue that both the scenario you imagine in the ‘Worldwide Flood Layers and Erosion’ and the one you imagine in ‘Venus (and Earth) Resurfaced in a Single Catastrophic Event?’ can be reconciled in the timeframe you propose and in the absence of any confirming evidence in support of either.