PNAS Reports Youngest Meteor Impact Yet

This article speaks of the two previously known mass extinction events believed to be caused by meteor strikes, one at supposedly 65 million years ago (mya) and another at 38 mya. But now, PNAS has a new article on the youngest meteor impact yet which is asssociated with an extinction event, supposeldy dated at only 12,900 years ago … !!!

This is quite interesting in view of Dr. Walter Brown’s Hydroplate Theory which postulates that Meteors, Asteroids and Comets are ejecta from the catastrophic breakup of the “fountains of the deep.”  But the “ages” of these impact events reported by these articles are based upon the basic assumption that the earth is very old (~4.5 billion years), thus various additional assumptions are made when using radiometric dating to “date” rocks so that “ages” fall into the “correct” ranges.

If these arbitrary assumptions are NOT made, and ALL relevant data is considered, and the reality of the Global Flood of Noah is acknowledged as occurring ~5000 years ago, then ALL of these impact events can be placed in the Flood timeframe … probably during the the Inundation Phase or the Receding Phase after sediments had been deposited but were still soft.

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